Basalt, Carbondale and Aspen Relocation Guide
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Trust and Courtesy

IOUs: You know you’re in small town when some local merchants take IOUs. If you come up short at the Fruit Stand at Buttermilk and you’re a local, for example, they’ll jot your contact info and the amount you owe on a PostIt note, and staple it above the cash box. Totally awesome service!

Unclocked Doors: I don’t know that I’d advise it, but many residents leave the house to run errands without locking their doors. (The thing is, you can’t trust the bears!)

Don’t Honk: Nothing says “outsider” better than angry honks of your horn. Unless another driver does something truly egregious, leave that noise back in the city… life is slower here and you’ll find that people are almost never too rushed to be polite drivers.

Those Weird Trash Bins: Open containers attract bears, so most public trash bins have lift-tops with a release that bears can’t reach. The only drawback is that you have to be smarter than a bear to use one.

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